Vector Illustrations + Infographics

Vector illustrations are versatile for both print and web.  They can easily be edited and the size adjusted for any size project. While not a traditional illustrator, I enjoy distilling 3D objects into basic recognizable 2D shapes.
Pet Infographic
College students don't always make the best pet owners.  The properties managed by Dovetail Management were pet friendly, but they wanted the residents to be informed about the responsibility and time pets require so they could decide if it fit in their life during college. These images were distributed on social media and email to hopefully encourage some measure of consideration before adopting a pet.
Move Out Reminders + Advice
Before students moved out for the summer, Dovetail Management posted move out advice and reminders on  social media. The graphics needed to be simple enough that the text was the focus and eye catching within a social media feed.
While photos work best for social media, sometimes something simpler and smaller is needed for a calendar graphic or there is not time to secure a non-copyrighted photo.

Other Work in this Category

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