Floor Plans + Site Maps

Apartment floor plan and community site maps were were developed from detailed architecture blueprints.
Both were simplified - for the floor plans, only the details prospective tenants would be interested in were included and provided furniture was included to give a better idea of the space available.
After learning a property was using a hand drawn layout of their property to help them plan for placing roommates in open units and cleaning, we decided to make them a custom whiteboard. It was important to the office to see all their units and bedrooms in their relative location to each other so they could easily divide the property for inspection.  Abstracting the site plan to show all bedrooms in the unit allowed the office to easily see the property at a glance and mark them as unoccupied, needing to be cleaned, etc.  
Apartment floor plan illustrations of 2 bedroom flat and townhome layouts, 3 bedroom flat and townhome layouts, and 4 bedroom flat and townhome layouts.
Whiteboard Site Map
The whiteboard map used the site plan to show buildings and units in their relative position on the property. As a whiteboard, it could be marked to show bedrooms and/or units as occupied, available, needing to be cleaned, etc. 

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