One Sheet + Shuttle Schedule

Both informational one sheets and shuttle schedules require a lot of information to be easily accessible at a glance. 
Information One Sheet
This informational sheet was used by leasing agents to hand to prospective tenants. It needed to be sized to be tucked into a 6x9 brochure, list the basic lease details, community amenities, and all unit amenities.  It also needed to list all the floor plans and prices and leave room for the leasing agent to write in any current specials. It needed to be able to adapt to a variety of lease details and number of floor plans without much modification. The map on the reverse was not required, but allowed additional information to be conveyed - the location of the buildings on the property in relationship to the clubhouse and roads and what sort of units each building housed. It also lent itself well to conveying vital information, such as the address and contact information in a context of a map, without crowding the lease details. 
Shuttle Schedule
Double sided business cards allowed residents to keep the shuttle schedule handy when figuring out what shuttle they needed to get to class on time.  While most residents were familiar with the shuttle stops, maps were distributed at the beginning of the year to familiarize new tenants to their location.

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