About Kattu Design

graphic design by Julie Roberts in pdx

I thrive in the "boring" bits of design. I like well crafted forms, print material that carries out an established identity, and distilling data heavy information into something scannable. If a brand is working, I want to get creative within the existing framework - and if it's not, explore something new. Not every brand needs an overhaul of their identity with a new designer, sometimes it just needs fresh eyes and taking an existing logo that meets a brand's needs and tweaking it for new uses.
Available for work in Portland, OR
I have been a bit of a nomad since high school. Originally from Camas, Washington, I went from Greenville, South Carolina to Bellingham, Washington to Berkeley, California, to Athens, Georgia. Now married and looking to settle down, I am back in the Portland metro area.  While in Athens, I’ve been an in-house graphic designer for a property management company that focused on student housing communities across the Southeast.
Kattu. What is that??
"Kattu" is a Tamil word meaning "to tie" or "bind." (I pronounce it "cat-two" but native Tamil speakers are welcome to correct me). My passion is well bound books. Books last and tell so much about the time they were published. Shouldn't your design do the same?
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